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Second Division League, Match Day 12 Results

Feb 26, 2017 Comments 30, 088 views

Second Division League, Match Day 12 Results Group A, February 26, 2017 Gitikinyoni Fc 1-1 Hope FC Rwamagana City 0-1 AS Muhanga Sorwathe Fc 3-0 Vision J.N Vision FC 1-1 Aspor FC UR (...)

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[Updated]: Azam Rwanda Premier League Results

Feb 26, 2017 Comments 30, 088 views

Azam Rwanda Premier League Results Match Day 16 Result Saturday, February 25, 2017 Police Fc 2-2 Rayon Sports (Stade Amahoro) Match Day 17 Results Saturday, February 25, 2017 Marines (...)

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FIFA President Infantino commissions FERWAFA Hotel

Feb 26, 2017 Comments 30, 088 views

The FIFA President Gianni Infantino commissioned the FERWAFA Hotel which is to boost the growth of the game as well as create long lasting and sustainable income generation activities. The (...)

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FERWAFA holds Amavubi U15 National Team Selection

Posted on Jan 10 2017

In bid to develop the next generation of a strong national Men’s football team, Rwanda Football Federation (FERWAFA) has started a week-long selection process of the Amavubi U-15 Boys National Team.

The selection process opened today at Stade Umuganda in Rubavu District and was presided over by the FERWAFA President, Mr. Nzamwita Vincent.

After holding the same selection process for the Girls U-15 National Team in December, 2016, Ferwafa President Nzamwita said that this event is set to help the federation secure talented players who will consist the Boys’ U-15 national team.

“The major aim of this selection process is to help us establish a Boys U-15 team which alongside the girls team which was established last month, will be exposed to several competitions in bid to improve their skills as we look for strong national teams in both male and female categories for future competitions,”

After the selection process, both the Boys’ and Girls’ U-15 teams may play an international friendly match with one of the regional countries.

Meanwhile, FERWAFA will start a National Youth Competition U-15 league which will be played in Schools effective from February this year.

The National U-15 Competition will attract players who were born after January 2002. The championship will be played across the country during the normal school duration.

The National U-15 Competition will be played on annual basis from the sector level with the best players picked to play at the next level until the Provincial level were winners will be picked and assembled in the National School of Excellence which will be based in Huye District by the end of 2017 in both male and female category.

The National U-15 Competition will leave nation with a wide selection pool of capable, strong and young players who will compose the next national football teams which can qualify for major Africa and global football tournaments.
Source: Ferwafa.rw

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