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Ferwafa Elections: Nzamwita & Rwemalika’s proposed Executive Committees released

Dec 16, 2017 Comments 30, 088 views

The FERWAFA Electoral Committee has released the proposed executive committees of the presidential aspirants, namely incumbent Nzamwita Vincent and Rwemalika Felicite. Both Nzamwita and (...)

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Rwanda among biggest movers in the FIFA Women Rankings

Dec 16, 2017 Comments 30, 088 views

Rwanda women national team has finished 2017 ranked 105th after improving six places in the latest annual FIFA Women’s World Ranking released on Friday. Rwanda who last played their competitive (...)

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FIFA Referee Hakizimana picked for CHAN 2018 duties

Dec 15, 2017 Comments 30, 088 views

Rwanda referee Hakizimana Louis has been chosen by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to officiate in next year’s Championship of African Nations (CHAN) in Morocco. Hakizimana is amongst (...)

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FERWAFA Excom Decision on withdrawal of Isonga Fc from 2017/18 ARPL

Posted on Aug 03 2017

The Rwanda Football Federation Executive Committee held its monthly session on Thursday, August 3, 2017 at FERWAFA headquarters in Remera, Kigali City.

The following are resolutions concerning the withdrawal of Isonga Fc from participating the 2017/18 Azam Rwanda Premier League:

- FERWAFA Executive Committee acknowledged the reception of Isonga Fc letter of August 1, 2017.

- Isonga Fc will not be permitted to earn promotion to Azam Rwanda Premier League for the next two consecutive seasons should it be among finalists of the Second Division League for those two named seasons. For the two seasons considered, its runner-up will be promoted, according to Article 10.3 of the FERWAFA Competition Regulation,

- SC Kiyovu replaces Isonga Fc in the 2017/18 Azam Rwanda Premier League. This decision was taken based on Article 12 of the 2016/17 second division league regulation.

Article 12 of the 2016/17 second division league regulation states, “Two teams which have reached the finals of the second division league earn automatic qualification to the first division league. In case, a team withdrawals from the tournament before playing the final match, it is replaced by the losing team in their semi final round. In case, a team plays the final match and announces its withdrawal from first division league, then the first of the relegated teams stays in the first division league .”

[Ingingo ya 12 mu mategeko yihariye agenga irushanwa ry’icyiciro cya kabiri (D2) 2016/2017.
“Amakipe abiri yageze ku mukino w’igikombe (Finale) niyo azamuka mu cyiciro cya mbere (D1). Mu gihe ikipe yikuye mu irushanwa mbere yo gukina umukino wa nyuma isimburwa n’iyo yari yatsinze muri ½. Mu gihe ikipe yakinnye umukino wa nyuma igatangaza ko itakigiye mu cyiciro cya mbere, ikipe ibanziriza iya nyuma mu cyiciro cya mbere igumamo” .]
Source: Ferwafa.rw

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