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Rwanda falls to Mozambique, focus switched to Cameroon tie on Sunday

Nov 14, 2019 Comments 30, 088 views

Rwanda senior men’s football team endured a poor start to the 2021 Total African Cup of Nations Qualifying phase following a 0-2 loss to the Mambas of Mozambique in the opening match of Group F (...)

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AFCON 2021 Qualifiers: Rwanda face Mozambique in Maputo

Nov 14, 2019 Comments 30, 088 views

HARUNA Niyonzima, the national football team skipper, has challenged his teammates to ‘give it everything’ when Rwanda take on Mozambique in the two sides’ first match in Group F of the 2021 Africa (...)

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AFCON 2021 Qualifier: Rwanda-Cameroon Match Day Ticket Prices released

Nov 13, 2019 Comments 30, 088 views

Fédération Rwandaise de Football (FERWAFA) has released the match day ticket prices for the Africa Cup of Nations Cameroon 2021 qualifying game against Cameroon. Rwanda hosts Cameroon in match day (...)

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FERWAFA Youth Competitions, Weekend Results

Posted on Jun 10 2019

FERWAFA Youth Competitions, Weekend Results
Under 15 Category
June 8
Kigali Zone

Etoile du Rwanda 3-4 Better Future
Excellence 3-1 Kigali Junior
Centre de Gikondo 3-1 Impanga
Future for Hope 1-2 Ifak Don Bosco
Shining Academy 2-1 Eagle United
Isonga 8-2 Ifak Don Bosco
Etoile du Rwanda 4-2 Better Future
Centre de Gikondo 3-0 Kigali Junior
Eagle united 2-2 shining academy

East Zone
Gatsibo FTC 1-0 ES Nyamirama
Kizigura ftc 2-7 ES Rukara
Kayonza FTC 3-0 Happy Boys
Amigo ASC 3-0 Nkamba FTC
Rwamagana FTC 1-1 Munyaga FTC
Gatsibo FTC 0-2 ES Nyamirama
Kizigura FTC 1-1 ES Rukara
Kayonza FTC 1-0 Happy Boys
Amigo ASC 3-1 Nkamba FTC
Rwamagana FTC 0-3 Munyaga FTC

North Zone
VJN 1-3 Lionceaux
Tiger Academy 1-1 Lionceaux

South Zone
Hope FTC 4-3 Ruhango FTC
Gihisi FTC 0-0 Gatagara FTC
UPLA 3-4 Future Sound FA
High Spears 1-0 Mahembe FTC
Kamembe 0-1 Nyamasheke FTC
The Winners FC 1-0 Muhanga FC
Byimana FC 3-0 Rwanda Nziza FC
Mukura VS 0-1 Intare FTC
Ngoma FTC 1-0 GS Kansi
Gihisi 7-0 Future Sound FA
Hope 3-4 Gatagara
Nyanza 2-0 UPLA
High Spears 2-1 Rusizi FC
Mahembe FC 2-1 Nyamasheke FC
The Winners 1-1 Muhanga FC
Kabutare TVT School 4-3 GS Kansi
Youth DC 2-1 Ngoma FTC
Mukura VS 2-0 Don Bosco Rango

June 9
North Zone

Lionceaux 3-1 VJN

Under-17 Category
June 9
Kigali Zone

Imirasire 1-1 Kiyovu Academy
Impanga 0-2 Kigali Junior
Ifak Don Bosco 0-3 Shining Academy
Imirasire 0-1 Kiyovu Academy
Centre de Gikondo 1-3 Heroes Academy
Excellence 6-1 Impanga
APAER 4-0 Eagle United
Ifak Don Bosco 0-1 Shining Academy
Isonga Academy 4-0 Future for Hope

East Zone
Amizero FTC 3-1 Zaza FTC
ES Rukara 5-2 ES Nyamirama
Kayonza FTC 1-3 Gatsibo FTC
Happy Boys 1-1 Kiziguro
Munyaga FTC 1-1 OFYER
Rwamagana FTC 1-1 Amigo ASC
Petit Prince 3-2 Rwinkwavu
Amizero FTC 3-1 Zaza FTC
ES Rukara 1-4 ES Nyamirama
Kayonza FTC 2-2 Gatsibo FTC
Happy Boys 1-1 Kiziguro
Munyaga FTC 8-0 OFYER
Rwamagana FTC 3-1 Amigo ASC

North Zone
Musanze YTC 1-1 Les Abeilles
Volcanoes 0-0 Tecno YFTC
Lionceaux 3-1 VJN
Nilisalike Talent 1-0 VJN
Scandinavia 3-1 Academic Tiger
Eser 3-0 Lionceaux
Volcanoes 0-0 Tecno YFTC

South Zone
Gatagara FTC 4-1 Hope FTC
Future Sound FTC 1-0 UPLA
Ruhango FTC 0-1 Gihisi FTC
Kamembe 1-1 High Spears
Byimana FC 1-1 The Winners FC
Muhanga FC 4-0 Rwanda Nziza FC
UPLA 1-3 Gihisi
Gatagara 3-3 ES Nyanza
Future Sound 1-1 Hope
Muhanga FC 5-0 Rwanda Nziza FC
Ngoma FTC 0-3 Kabutare TVT School
Don Bosco Rango 2-4 Youth DC
Mukura VS 2-0 Intare

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