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PSG Academy Rwanda Shortlists final Candidates for key positions

Jul 10, 2020 Comments 30, 088 views

Following thorough analysis and examination of all applications related to PSG ACADEMY RWANDA, Considering the job announcement published in June 2020 basing on the set requirements and required (...)

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Impinduka ku biciro byo kwiyandikisha mu mahugurwa yo gutoza (A, B, C CAF)

Jul 09, 2020 Comments 30, 088 views

Ibyemezo bya Komisiyo y’Ubujurire ya FERWAFA

Jun 11, 2020 Comments 30, 088 views

Kuri uyu wa kane, taliki ya 11 Kamena 2020, Komisiyo y’Ubujurire ya FERWAFA yateranye yiga ku bujurire bwa Police F.C ku kemezo cya komisiyo y’imisifurire kirebana n’imyitwarire y’umusifuzi Abdul (...)

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FERWAFA meets Coaches & Referees’ Associations

Posted on May 16 2020

The Rwanda Football Federation (FERWAFA) met the association of coaches (AEFR) and referees (ARAF) as part of the on-going consultative meetings aimed at finding possible ways of culminating the 2019/2020 football season, which has been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The FERWAFA consultative meeting with AEFR (Amicale des Entraîneurs de Football au Rwanda) and ARAF (Association Rwandaise des Arbitres de Football) was held on Friday evening, May 15, 2020 through video conferencing.

The consultative meeting which was chaired by FERWAFA Vice President Habyarimana Marcel, attracted different committee members of the two respective associations.

Following the halting of all FERWAFA Competitions due to Covid-19 Pandemic in mid-March and given the fact that there are no legal provisions in place to handle competition issues related to such unprecedented crisis, FERWAFA has been holding various meetings with stakeholders aimed at finding a harmonized approach to successfully complete its competitions.

During this meeting, the members of the two associations exchanged views basing on the competitions’ status report and proposals tabled by the FERWAFA Competitions Department to end all scheduled competitions during this crisis while putting into consideration priority on the health and safety of players, coaches, managers, club staff, supporters and the wider community.

This meeting follows other similar consultative meetings held recently with members of Rwanda Premier League, Second Division Men’s Football League and Women’s First and Second Divisions Leagues respectively.

Later this month, the FERWAFA Executive Committee will meet in its ordinary session to deliberate on the appropriate decision to be taken in regard to phasing out FERWAFA Competitions for 2019/2020 season while basing on the proposals laid out by different stakeholders.

The Rwanda Football Federation (FERWAFA) Management urges the football community to remain strong and committed in implementing the government’s guidelines on curbing the Covid-19 crisis.

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