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Resolutions of the 2020 FERWAFA Ordinary General Assembly

Oct 19, 2020 Comments 30, 088 views

Rwanda Football Federation (FERWAFA) met in its Ordinary General Assembly on 17/10/2020 at Dove Hotel in Gasabo District. The FERWAFA Secretary General proceeded to call the roll in English (...)

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AMAVUBI in camp ahead of AFCON Qualifying ties against Cape Verde.

Oct 09, 2020 Comments 30, 088 views

The Rwanda Men’s senior team entered the camp today ahead of the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations, Group F double qualifying ties against Cape Verde due next month. Head coach Mashami Vincent has (...)

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FERWAFA yagennye uburyo inkunga yahawe na CAF izakoreshwa

Sep 24, 2020 Comments 30, 088 views

Inama ya Komite Nyobozi ya FERWAFA yateranye ku wa kane tariki ya 10/09/2020 yemeje uburyo inkunga yatanzwe n’impuzamashyirahamwe y’umupira w’amaguru muri Afurika (CAF) izakoreshwa. Iyi nkunga (...)

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FERWAFA approves FIFA Covid-19 Relief Fund Allocation

Posted on Aug 19 2020

The FERWAFA Executive Committee, which met on Tuesday, August 18 August 2020, approved the distribution of the FIFA COVID-19 relief grant of USD $ 1,000,000.

The decision to allocate the funds was made in consideration of the FIFA COVID-19 Solidarity Grant regulations.

The FERWAFA General Secretary Mr Uwayezu F. Regis said on Wednesday, “The FERWAFA Executive Committee approved the distribution of the FIFA Covid-19 Solidarity Grant in their session held on Tuesday and we believe the funds approved will ease the financial burden our members have been facing due to this pandemic. The FERWAFA management will strictly follow up to monitor if the grant has been used in a proper way."

The approved distribution of the FIFA Covid-19 Solidarity Grant will be allocated as follows:

- Implementation of U-15 Junior Competitions of Rwanda Premier League clubs: Rwf 72,5m

- The Football Development Activities: Rwf. 50m

- Rwanda Premier League Clubs: Rwf 28m per club

- Second Division Men’s League Clubs: Rwf. 10m per club

- Women Teams (General Assembly Members): Rwf. 5m per club

- Women Teams (Non General Assembly Members): Rwf. 4m per club

- Restart of Football Activities across all competitions: Rwf. 15m

- Amicale des Entraîneurs de Football au Rwanda (AEFR): Rwf. 2.5m

- Association Rwandaise des Arbitres de Football au Rwanda (ARAF): Rwf. 2.5m

- Ijabo ryawe Rwanda: Rwf. 2.5m

- Referees and Match Commissioners: Rwf. 17m to be shared amongst all

The FERWAFA Executive Committee also resolved that the FIFA Covid-19 Solidarity Grant will be distributed in two installments. The distribution of the first installment of the grant allocated to Rwanda Premier League and Second Division Men League Clubs will be made in consideration with clubs, which took part in the previous season (2019-2020), while the second installment will be made considering clubs, which will take part in the upcoming season (2020-2021).

The FIFA Covid-19 Solidarity Grant provided to different D1 and D2 men clubs will be exclusively used as follows;

1. Payment of salaries for players: Clearing pending salaries of players must be a priority.

2. Payment of salaries for other staff: Clearing pending salaries of staff must be a priority.

3. Implementation of guidelines in regards with the mitigation and containment of the Covid-19 pandemic provided by FERWAFA, The Ministry of Sports and other health institutions.

The FERWAFA Executive Committee has also approved the Women Football Development Budget of USD $500,000. More details on this matter will be communicated soon.

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