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Sep 27, 2021 Comments 30, 088 views

FERWAFA SECOND DIVISION LEAGUE MATCH DAY 4 RESULTS Group A Interforce FC 0-0 Heroes FC Amagaju FC 0-0 Intare FC Group B Rugende FC 2-0 La Jeunesse FC Pepiniere FC 1-3 Gicumbi FC Group C (...)

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Mashami yahamagaye 36 bitegura Uganda

Sep 27, 2021 Comments 30, 088 views

MASHAMI Vincent Umutoza Mukuru w’Ikipe y’Igihugu Amavubi Stars, yahamagaye abakinnyi mirongo itatu na batandatu (36) bitegura imikino ibiri u Rwanda rugomba guhuramo na Uganda mu rwego rwo gushaka (...)

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Sep 27, 2021 Comments 30, 088 views

FERWAFA SECOND DIVISION LEAGUE MATCH DAY 4 FIXTURES Group A Interforce FC vs Heroes FC, IPRC Kigali - 2.00PM Amagaju FC vs Intare FC, Nyamagabe Stadium - 2.00PM Group B Rugende FC vs La (...)

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CAF instructors’ course underway in Kigali

Posted on Sep 14 2021

The Federation of Rwandan Football Associations (FERWAFA) in partnership with the Confederation of African Football are holding a CAF Instructors’ course which has attracted the attention of thirteen (13) local football coaches.

The CAF Instructors’ course has been organized with the aim of improving the capacity of local instructors and shape new ones who will be delivering different CAF Coaching Courses in line with the new CAF Convention which is a document that ensures the quality of coach education in Africa.

The FERWAFA Commissioner in charge of Technical and Development, Mr NKUSI Marie Edmond commended CAF for allowing FERWAFA to organize a course of such magnitude: ‘’I want to express heartfelt appreciation to CAF for sanctioning this course to be held in Rwanda. We believe this course is going to expand your skills as coaches and instructors in line with FERWAFA’s aim of fostering football in Rwanda through Football Education.’’

The course is being conducted under the guidance of Elite CAF Instructor, Mr IZAK Stephanus Coetsee who believes the course will be of a great importance to the attendees: ‘’This is an instructors’ development course which aims at developing skills of local instructors. The course will benefit every coach present here. My task is to impact them with the skills they need and asses and grade them at the end of the course to see how they can help Rwandan Football in the future.’’

He added that these instructors will in the future be able to deliver CAF Coaching license courses from D, C and B levels mostly and where deems possible by CAF they will be delivering CAF A Coaching Courses locally.

The course has attracted the attention of some elite local coaches and instructors namely Antoine RUTSINDURA who holds an A CAF Coaching license, Innocent SENINGA (A CAF), Sosthène HABIMANA (A CAF), Jimmy MULISA (B CAF), Hamimu BAZIRAKE (B CAF), Theonas NDANGUZA (B CAF), Seraphine UMUNYANA (C CAF), Consolée MUKASHEMA (C CAF), Marie Grace NYINAWUMUNTU (C CAF), Alain MBABAZI (C CAF), Pacifique UWINEZA (C CAF), Jean Pierre KWIZERA (C CAF) and Hassan MUHIRE (C CAF).

The 10 days course is being held at Sainte Famille Hotel for theoretical classes while practical applications will be taking place at Amahoro Stadium and IPRC Kigali Stadium concurrently. The course will be concluded on September 22nd 2021.

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