Amavubi Women team are now looking forward to changing the history and take down the Uganda Women National team, in the Olympic games qualifiers, where both games will take place in Rwanda, the first leg expected on 12th July and the second game expected on 18th of July if the calendar remains intact.

The Amavubi Women, started the trainings for preps on 28th of June, and the call up for the squad was done during a press conference by the Head Coach Mrs. Marie Grace NTINAWUMUNTU, on 27th of June 2023, who said that the objective is to fight for the flag, and expressed the zeal and the will to qualify to the next round.

Amavubi Women Head Coach Grace in action.

If I wasn’t confident to go to the next round, I wouldn’t have accepted this job. I know Uganda is a good and strong team, but we are also not underdog. For those who know me well, you know, I never accept responsibilities I will not fight for, and for that, trust me, we will give our all to defend the colors of this nation, said Nyinawumuntu the Head Coach.

Amavubi Women staff

Squad called up to face Uganda

Trainings are being held at Kigali Pele Stadium and the girls are working twice a day, with a full staff following up the progress.