From 11th to 12th of March, The FERWAFA in partnership with CAF instructors conducted a two-day training on Club Licensing Online Platforms (CLOP) organized for the Division one clubs representatives in Men category and Top 10 clubs in Division two where trainees have been equipped with the skills to coop-up with the new CAF CLOP rules.

Participants attentively following the trainings

Such trainings are in line with FERWAFA and CAF plans to embrace paperless policy in club licensing, where teams will be applying and getting feedback online through teams administrators and by complying with Club Licensing regulations/requirements, thus, this platform will facilitate teams and the federation to gain both time and resources without necessarily having printed documents.

One of CAF instructors during trainings.

« Teams will benefit so much from this Club Licensing Online Platforms, for it saves time and resources that used to be spent on old systems. Also trainees had the opportunity to be trained on various articles governing Club Licensing, therefore they will be ready early enough to prepare and fulfill all the requirements early enough before even applying for easy checking in the process of granting the licensing. » said Muhire John Livingston the FERWAFA Club Licensing Manager and CAF instructor.
Muhire John Livingston, Club licensing manager and CAF Instructor

During these trainings FERWAFA through the Vice President in charge of Technical Matters and Development Mr. Richard Mugisha with the FERWAFA Secretary General Mr. Adolphe Kalisa hailed the efforts of the CAF to digitize various services as the modern methodology of service delivery and urged the participating teams to comply to what the CLOP rules stipulate.

Such trainings will continue to other categories of the competitions organized by FERWAFA namely Division two and the women divisions categories.