FIFA Approves 17 Rwandan Referees On 2024 International Lists

A number of 17 Rwandan referees to be placed on the international lists for the year 2024 by the world football-governing body, FIFA, in a message conveyed to the Football Federations worldwide.

 Amongst 17 referees approved for international duty from Rwanda for next year, 11 are men and 6 are women and among the men five of them are central referees namely, Uwikunda Samuel, Ishimwe Jean Claude, Twagirumukiza Abdoul karim, Rurisa Patience Fidele, and Ruzindana Nsoro, six are assistant referees explicitly, Mutuyimana Dieudonne, Karangwa Justin, Ishimwe Didier, Mugabo Eric, Ndayisaba Said Khamis and Bwiliza Raymond.

The approved list of women is as follow, two ladies are selected as central referees namely, Mukansanga Salima Rhadia and Umutoni Aline, then Umutesi Alice, Murangwa Usenga Sandrine, Mukayiranga Regine and Akimana Juliette as Assistant referee.

Also FIFA approved Mukansanga Salima Rhadia as Video match Official (VAR) which means, she will hold 2 FIFA Badges (as Referee and as Video match Official)

Note that the above mentioned Akimana Juliette is new on this list, replacing Mrs Nyinawabari Speciose who has recently retired and currently working as Fitness Instructor and match commissioner.